Alien knife fight 



Case 91517, Creedmoor, TX:

Reports of heavy vibrations, booming, and whirling sounds from vicinity of Big Bottom Farm (3.6 acre). Typically starting at dusk, sometimes intermittent, lasting until early morning hours. Nearby residents reporting interference and voltage dips during event. No reports of criminal activity. No injuries. 


Case 70117, Creedmoor, TX:

18:30: Large rectangular object sighted, hovering at estimated elevation on 32,000 feet. Object described as "box-like", with pulsing violet orb hovering approximately 2 miles, just northwest. Witness statements consistent with this description, adding that object was noiseless, but vibrations could be felt on land, within three mile radius. Alien Knife Fight front woman, Monique Ortiz, tracked the object for 22 minutes, noting the object "looked like a long diamond, laying on its side. It stayed in the same spot the entire time. It wasn't a weather balloon. The bright purple orb slowly rotated around the box-object, but always seemed to keep the same distance from it, as if it was on some kind of tether."


Case 70517, Mustang Ridge, TX: 

3 mutilated cattle. Abdominal wounds appear surgical. Unusual absence of blood or other bodily fluids. No odor. Vegetation surrounding carcasses appeared scorched. Event likely to had happened between midnight and 4am. No reports from local residents of any unusual activity.











future sightings



Some Girls EP

by Alien Knife Fight

Monique Ortiz- vocals, 2-string slide bass, fretless bass.

Michael Howard- Drums, percussion.